In August of 2018 our world was turned upside down due to a catastrophic car accident that caused a life-threatening traumatic brain injury, two years in a hospital and various rehabs. We got John Mennie's name from a family member who made some calls to find "the best litigating attorney" in New Jersey. From the first phone call to John Mennie, he took charge of EVERYTHING concerning our personal injury case and worker's compensation case. This took a tremendous load off our family and allowed us to concentrate 100% on complicated recovery. His role during this time was as important to us as the doctors' roles in the medical plan.

John quickly established a solid case and was able to readily bring on board all the necessary consultants and resources to strengthen this case. Within days of calling John, our family had peace of mind that we now had a solid legal plan in place and a competent lawyer to steer our family through this legal quagmire. Ours was a complicated case, which involved suits against three separate defendants, three separate attorneys and different insurance companies and a complicated case with NYS Workers Compensation.

John's expertise was apparent immediately to all defendant parties as well, which resulted in all agreeing to a remarkably fast, generous and fair settlement without us going to trial. This despite all the COVID hurdles that were delaying litigations.

Without John's legal representation, we would certainly have lost our family home and savings - which I sadly saw happen to many people I met in the various medical centers. Because we brought John on board, this did not happen to us. He made sure these were protected and that our family would not suffer future financial burdens as a result of this accident.

We will forever be grateful to John for ensuring the best possible outcome for us, but we will always appreciate his professional and respectful manner to all parties involved - on both sides - when he was representing us

Mr. Mennie represented us in a wrongful death case of a loved one. As you can imagine, dealing with this was very difficult. Mr. Mennie did an exceptional job handling the case and communicating information back to our family. He was professional, responsive, empathetic and thorough. We could not be happier with his representation and highly recommend him.


John and his staff were great at every step. Couldn't ask for better service.


Dear John, we want to express our sincere appreciation for your superb effort in the representation of our litigation recently. Your handling of the matter was superb on every level. What is especially worth noting is that along with being a skilled attorney, you also have integrity.  The legal profession is fortunate that you are one of them. We also must thank you for your honest opinions regarding the outcome of our case. Our decision to accept the settlement was based largely on our faith in your judgement. Your analysis was thorough and concise. Finally, we would like to state that it was our pleasure to have you provide legal services on our behalf. We will heartily recommend your services to everyone. May you continue to have success and good health for yourself and your family.


John is an excellent, experienced and compassionate attorney who fought hard for us for 3 years against the insurance companies and their stable of sharks and got us a great result and he never stopped fighting until we got the justice we deserved.


Dear John, we would like to personally thank you for all the time and work you put into our case. As usual you extended yourself above and beyond for our satisfaction. It was also very comforting having you on our side. Best wishes to you and your family and thanks again.


Thank you, John, to you and your entire staff for being in my corner every step of the way and taking such great care of me. This was a terrible accident and injury, but out of it I got to know you and your staff and that has been a huge silver lining for me!!


How can I begin to thank you for taking my mother's case when others would not. You and your staff are so professional, kind and caring. My mother was handled with patience when she appeared before the judge. The fact that justice was served in this matter was of great importance. On behalf of my mother, she thanks you so much for her generous settlement.


Dear Mr. Mennie, This is just a short note to convey my appreciation for the hard work you put into my case. My parents and I rarely agree on anything, but we did agree on one thing throughout the trial- we were fortunate to have you as our attorney. I simply could not have asked for anything more than you gave me. Once again, thank you for representing me in this case. I'm sure we'll be in touch soon.


Dear Mr. Mennie, Thank you for the great job in handling this matter. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


Mr. John Mennie replaced our attorney the last minute for my house closing and stepped into a very precarious situation. The buyer's and their attorney had been very difficult to deal with all along. Mr. Mennie was very professional, confident and reassuring in a most difficult situation. He never once faltered, and because of this I was able to close the deal. I feel this situation should be brought to your attention.


John, just a little note to say thank you for what you have done. And it is nice to have a friend and a great lawyer like you. Again, thank you.


My lawyer Greg Heizler was great. He made things as easy and as convenient as possible. He also was able to get a settlement without going to court. I thank and would use Greg again.


Greg Heizler and the staff at Mennie Heizler were experienced, caring,
and supportive throughout a very difficult time in my life. If you are
looking for a trustworthy attorney, Greg Heizler is that and so much
more. Thank you for all you have done for me, I will recommend you to
anyone and everyone!