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Medicine is a blend of art and science which over the centuries has done wonders for mankind. From leeches to laser surgery, medicine has come a long way to improve and lengthen our lives. The Hippocratic Oath is traditionally taken by medical school graduates who are some of the best minds we have. In the oath, the physician pledges to prescribe only beneficial treatments, according to his or her abilities and judgment; to refrain from causing harm or hurt; and to live an exemplary personal and professional life. It is this commitment coupled with the immeasurable public good the medical profession has provided us which affords doctors a great deal of protection under the law. However, for all the good doctors do for us all, they also make mistakes. And when they do, the results can be catastrophic.

The laws in New Jersey are written to protect health care providers. It takes experienced and seasoned trial lawyers to hold the careless physician accountable for the injuries that doctor caused. MENNIE HEIZLER, LLC, Trial Lawyers Committed to Excellence, will help you pick up the pieces and get back on track.

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