• Drunk Driving
  • Over Serving
  • Social Host Responsibility
  • Bar / Liquor Store Negligence
  • Bar Fights / Bar Assaults
Despite years of hard work of law enforcement and pressure groups, Drunk Driving still remains an issue these days. While awareness is higher and deaths are declining, the issue of drunk driving is still here. When a drunk driver causes an accident, which injures, maims or kills a loved one, MENNIE HEIZLER, Trial Lawyers Committed to Excellence, are here for you. We don't just go after the drunk driver and its insurance company. We go after the bar that over served that person or permitted them to operate the car knowing that they were impaired. MENNIE HEIZLER, Trial Lawyers Committed to Excellence, will leave no stone unturned. We will find all of the people even remotely responsible for your injury and make them pay.

Car accidents are not the only way an intoxicated person can injure another. Being residents of the Jersey Shore, bar fights in the summer are as common as sunburn. Bars over serve patrons who become violent towards others. When this happens MENNIE HEIZLER, Trial Lawyers Committed to Excellence, is here to get the justice you deserve against not only the assailant, but also the bar and security companies who set the stage for the assault and failed to adequately protect you.

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